Big Fun Family

Big Fun Family (Russia, Spain, Saudi Arabia) it's an international company of unique museums and entertainment establishments, that amaze children and adults of all ages. Be part of unforgettable adventures! Travel through fantastic worlds and magical places! Fill your social platforms with incredible photos that will gain thousands of likes! Come to the Big Fun Family museums with the whole family or with your group of friends and make wonderful memories together!

The museums that form part of "Tales of Arbat 16" are a door to wonderful and adventurous worlds that attract the attention of children and adults. Each space is unique and full of magic. Relive the story of your favorite fairy tale and discover incredible places that will take your breath away. Take fun photos and fill your gallery with unforgettable memories. Live a special moment with your loved ones.

Visit a fairy tale

The Museum of Illusions is a space in the middle of the city where children and adults can connect with magic and creativity.

Optical illusions come to life and transport you to other worlds:

Find hidden treasures in a medieval castle. Travel through the sky and even fight a dragon. Explore the legendary Atlantis and sit next to an owl in a winter forest. Visit the crystal dome of Saint Basil's Cathedral. Admire the Moscow landscape from the palm of King Kong's hand, have fun on the legendary Gum slope and go snowboarding in the Sparrow Mountains. You will have a lot of fun and make awesome pictures for your social media!

Visit amazing mirages

Eight unique museums under one roof, in the heart of Barcelona, invite you to adventure! Discover the Museum of Records, the Upside Down House, the Sweet Museum, The Giant's House, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Food Art, the Museum of Madness and the Magic Room! And only 5 minutes away is the Museum of Illusions with 3D images that come to life! Take funny photos and accumulate thousands of likes on social networks!

Experience the magic

We are opened the Big Fun Museum complex in Saudi Arabia, where an exciting journey through new worlds awaits you in the "Museum of Illusions", an incredible adventure on the planet Avatar in the "Fairy Tale Forest Museum" and the opportunity to experience the 7 senses in the "Quest of Emotions".

Experience incredible adventures